Utica Shale Resources And Information On Frac Jobs

Finding the latest news, reports and research papers about the new Utica shale oil and gas discovery can be difficult. It is the aim of this site to provide a listing of some of the most helpful documents about the Utica shale.

  Utica Shale Drilling Activity and Resource Assessment In Ohio  (A very in-depth report about the prospects of the Utica shale as an oil and gas discovery, published by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.)


  Chesapeake Energy Presentation Chesapeake Energy’s August 2011 investor presentation offers a good insight into the company’s plans in the Utica shale. It can be found here: (The document which this link goes to will change over time, as it refers to the most recent investor presentation, which may or may not contain information about the Utica shale play. With over 2 billion invested in the play by Chesapeake Energy, it will most likely remain relevant.) 

Important Gas And Oil Lease Terms  Utica and Marcellus Shale Leasing Terms. A paper prepared by the law firm of Emens and Wolper for the Ohio State University Extension Program. Defines some of the terms used in Utica shale leasing, including warnings that landowners understand the difference between a “minerals lease” and a “minerals deed”. Knowing what these terms mean could mean the difference between millions of dollars being lost or gained by the landowner.

Rex Energy Presentation  An investor presentation from Rex Energy. It offers some good slides of Utica shale geology, as well as information on the Point Pleasant interval, the focus of oil exploration.

The Assocated Landowners Of The Ohio Valley is a nonprofit landowner advocacy group which assists property owners in getting a fair deal on oil and gas leases in the Utica Shale. They have successfully negotiated with oil and gas companies for higher prices on thousands  of acres in the play.

Below is a video about the Utica shale, produced by Penn State University. It is somewhat dated but provides good information about what the Utica shale is.

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About Hydraulic Fracturing In The Utica Shale or “Frac jobs”

There has been a lot of controversy and misinformation about this process. The fact is, that the process of breaking apart shale with water, sand and a small amount of chemicals, has been used for many years, in thousands upon thousands of wells, with no contamination of groundwater.  The fact that so many layers of rock lie between water bearing zones (typically 100′ to 2000′ deep), and the Utica shale (averages 9,000 feet deep in Ohio), that there is no chance of a frac job reaching or contaminating water aquifers. With every technology there is some element of risk however, and wells must be properly cased and cemented, a process that is regulated and monitored by the Ohio Dept. Of Natural Resources and other agencies. Rational dialogue about the process must prevail, given that it has been proven to be generally a very safe process, whereas sending billions of our dollars overseas to unfriendly regimes and fighting wars for for oil has proven not to be.  A video illustration of the process can be seen below:

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The following is an illustration of the separation between water bearing aquifers in Ohio and the Utica shale. (From Ohio DNR)