Maps Of The Utica Shale

Below, a map from the U.S. Geological Survey showing the counties in Ohio where the Utica shale oil play is occurring. There is quite a lot of activity right now in Trumbull, Portage, Mahoning, Summit, Stark, Carrol, Tuscarawas,  Columbiana, Jefferson and Harrison,  and other counties of Eastern Ohio as oil and gas companies scramble to acquire as much acreage as they can before prices per acre soar any further.

The next Utica Shale map shows Carrizo Oil and gas acreage under lease.

utica shale map

Below is a map of the Utica shale  in the liquids rich zone where Carrizo Oil and Gas, as part of a joint venture with Avista Capital Partners, are buying and leasing land.

Utica shale map of Eastern Ohio, liquids play, condensate zone.

Below, map showing permitted wells in the Utica shale.

Below is a map showing the thickness of the Point Pleasant interval of the Utica shale in Ohio. (From Ohio Department Of Natural Resources)

Below, map of the thickness of the Utica shale.

Source: Ohio DNR.

Below is a map showing the Utica shale and the Marcellus formation.

Below, another map of the Utica shale.

Below is a map of the Utica shale formation from the Ohio Department Of Natural Resources.